Roller Skating for Mental Health

Along with this blog being about my Etsy shop, DaniDoesDesignShop, I thought it might be cool to also make it about how I [try] to stay healthy mentally and physically since, if I am not feeling healthy and good, I can’t create to my highest potential.

I have struggled with depression and other mental health issues throughout my life; I found that when I dedicated a healthy amount of time to my body, I feel light years better than when I am stalemate.

For me, physical well-being is the most powerful way for me to fight depression and intrusive thoughts. When I am not active; I am not happy.

**I know every reader isn’t as mobile as myself so I want to say I am not saying the only answer to mental health struggles is exercise; only that for me personally it is the most important. Your answer may be different.**

a few years ago, I picked up roller skating.

I would skate (only forward as it was the only way I knew) on this path that is about 20 miles long. On average, I’d skate about 15 miles in total. When construction started on the path a while ago, I quit skating and invested in a bicycle.

With the pandemic, I guess a new interest in roller skating emerged among the people and a friend of mine invited me out skating with them. I was pleasantly surprised to see about 20 people skating around a flat courtyard square, music playing, and a general theme of welcoming.

Two times out skating and the light has been lit under me and now I want to be able to do more. I’ve been using YouTube tutorials to learn how to skate backward, moonwalk, transition, and I will just keep going until I know them all.

My skates were falling apart, so I found a new pair.

Actually, my spouse picked them up for me. After spending days trying to fight a ready-to-ship roller skate and failing (largely due in part to not having $400 to spend on a set of roller skates), I decided to search the men’s skates.

I found this pair of Chicago “speed” skate style quads at a Big 5 a few towns over. Luckily on that day, my husband was almost near that area and feeling helpful and went and grabbed them up for me.

I had the wheels and bearing from a few years ago; don’t worry, I cleaned and oiled the bearings before rolling. At the suggestion of the husband, I ordered some Halloween colors for these black babies, and I’ve been skating as much as I can. Almost every day for at least an hour.

Yesterday I made a video of myself working on “moon walking”. It isn’t graceful, but it burns calories, produces a whole lot of sweat to clean out my pores, builds muscle, and gets my endorphins feeling nice and bubbly. Check it out below.

Let’s talk

What do you do to keep mentally and physically fit? Let’s talk in the comments!

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