Feel Free to Espresso Yourself

I had never had a real espresso before I lived in Sicily, Italy. Before my time there, the only coffee I had ever had was American and Starbucks frappucinos.

In Sicily, you can get an espresso any time of day or night, on pretty much every street in the cities. Here in the United States, we are confined to ordering our espressos during the day time (at least where I am at). *sobs*

In my sketchbook, I found this little doodle:

I decided to make a little design out of it, today, and put it on a sticker!

The sticker is already available on Redbubble and in the Etsy shop for you to purchase for the coffee addict in your life or just for yourself 😉

In the Redbubble shop, there are also a few other products its on, too, like a tote bag.

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New abstract design

Yesterday, I played around with some citrus themed color palettes and made an abstract design for Redbubble. I am thinking about adding it to Etsy as well, but I want to find an all-over print shirt to put it on, first.

For now, it’s on Redbubble.

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I have read in numerous places that the citrus theme is popular right now, so as a designer I am trying out the theme.

Do you enjoy the citrus color scheme?

Let me know in the comments if you’ll be jumping on the citrus bandwagon as an artist/designer.

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