Finding My Niche

I hit a wall this week, friends.

You know what wall I am talking about…

You’re going strong and motivated and creative and then, BOOM!, crash. Burn out. Do not pass go. Take a rest and try again later.

Even though I created something every day this week, by yesterday (Thursday), I was not feeling very inspired, but I want to make the most out of each day and feel I must push myself until I am making some sales. My goal is to spend at least a few hours a day either creating or working on my shops.

As I sat at my computer for several hours fixing tags on my Etsy listings and in my Redbubble shop (which needed A LOT of work), I began to feel pretty discouraged. I browsed through Redbubble comparing myself to other artists. A big no-no.

I know I shouldn’t, but sometimes one can’t help but to be envious of the popularity of others’ work. I remembered some advice I’ve heard from successful graphic designers, and an instructor I had: “Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.”

I found some designs that sparked inspiration in me, and a bit of intense nostalgia, and decided to take a jab at it.

90s Theme Retro Phone Case
Retro Halloween Theme Coffee Mug

I realize I have been doing this the hard way from the get-go.

I don’t need every design to be some intricate thing. In fact, it hasn’t worked out for me so far so maybe that’s also not what shoppers want.

If I want to make sells, I need to start pumping out more designs per week which means less intricacy and more freedom to be completely random.

Need More designs

Some artists on Redbubble have in the upwards of hundreds of designs, while I have around 30 and since I am not sticking to a single niche, yet, no one is searching for my designs. My shop is getting lost in the sauce of Redbubble (and Etsy).

Since I stopped using Instagram, Redbubble views completely stopped because I was driving all my traffic (making zero sales), but Redbubble claims to drive its own traffic, and a member of the Redbubble subReddit gave me some tough…advice. They said either I’m not using tags correctly, or my designs suck.

I did not share with them my shop name so they were only making assumptions, but maybe to some degree they were right. When I looked at how the successful Redbubble artists tag their work, I saw my listings were severely slacking.

As far as my designs sucking, I don’t think they do. But maybe they just aren’t what people are shopping for.

Need to find my niche

A few things I know:

  1. I haven’t yet found my niche.
  2. My SEO needs work, and since algorithms are always changing that seems like a never-ending battle
  3. I am not showing up in peoples’ searches because others out there are more established and have way more designs in their shops

I haven’t found my niche because I have never been a niche kind of person.

My interests are eclectic and always changing and my art and work often reflects that. As an artist and graphic designer, I know I do need to find my niche, though.

I guess I am working on it.

The SEO battle, as I said, will be ongoing. It’s changed since the last time I sold seriously online (around 2016) and it will continue to change as technology does, I’m sure.

My frustrations are mostly around not getting views in either of my shops, and not knowing where I fit in in this world.

I hope that I will find my footing and start to make an income of my own soon.

Hope you have a good weekend!

I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who are here with me and reading my posts and clicking those “like” buttons on my posts.

It’s Friday and I hope you have a good weekend full of inspiration and creativity or full of anything that you are in need of.

See you Monday!!

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