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Something you probably don’t know about me, yet, is that I am rather passionate about politics. I try to remain objective and observant, even when I disagree with a candidate or politician.

The last four years has been especially stressful in the United States. We have an administration that blatantly lies to us, as if we are stupid and do not watch the President’s live press conferences; as if we are blind and deaf.

We have an administration that has allowed and directly led to mass deaths across the nation due to their greed and negligence. We have an administration that has tear gassed peaceful protesters for a photo op and signaling of racist leagues of ignorant Americans, ignoring our Constitutional rights because we disagree.

The United States has never been perfect; our government has behaved in questionable and inhumane ways many times. I am often deeply disappointed and saddened when I observe the behavior of elected officials, even before the despicable Donald Trump, but no one is perfect.

Collectively, the U.S.A. has a lot of work to do.

If Trump is elected another four years, there will not be opportunity for growth and collective healing. The United States will further descend into a full on fascist state.

Vote Against Fascism 2020 Pin

If Trump is elected another four years, the United States is allowing a criminal to remain President; a criminal who has narcissistic tendencies, deep jealousy, gets his information from Facebook and not his intelligence agencies, and has been emboldened by a taste of power he doesn’t deserve.

Donald Trump refuses to denounce white supremacy, and has gone so far as to put them on stand by, again, and he continues to threaten democratic voters. Trump has to go, now.

Vote Him Out, Now Sticker

Voting against Trump this election isn’t a Democrat or Republican thing; it’s an American thing.

In America, we fight fascists.

True patriots will vote against Donald Trump this election.

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