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October Cosmic Designs


Hi friends! I hope you are all well this first week of October 2020. Today, I am going to share with you some of my new cosmic designs in the Redbubble shop, and talk about how design and illustration are going for me lately.

Cosmic designs

Let’s start with the fun stuff, the new cosmic designs that have made their appearance in the the DaniDoesDesigns Redbubble shop. I have been spending a lot of time working on this shop lately, and I am hoping it begins to pay off soon.

Celestial Space Moons and Stars Duvet Cover

I’m still not seeing much, if any, traffic being driven by Redbubble at all. All traffic is being driven by me and this blog. I see people claiming to have uploaded a design and instantly made a sell, but I assume they must be uploading copyright infringement work, as I am not seeing the same kind of traffic.

(It’s disappointing to see Redbubble showcase so many artists who are blatantly stealing from others and/or using copyright infringing designs like Star Wars. Redbubble is severely flawed in that sense, as it allows unoriginal creators to do no work, and make money.)

As I’ve said in previous posts, I am still trying to find my niche and find what I am passionate about in design and illustration so that I can fully love what I do.

Last week, I decided to take a little self-imposed pressure off my shoulders, and decided to start utilizing programs like Adobe Illustrator more. I enjoy hand-drawing and hand-lettering, but it is time consuming. Using Illustrator to create text-based, and vector based designs, allows me to create simpler designs faster.

Outer space has always been a love and fascination for me, and my favorite shape is the star, so I decided to honor that love and passion and create some simple cosmic designs. I am keeping it basic for now.

I’d been looking for a design that just had white outline stars and moons but couldn’t find one that I really liked, so I created this one:

Celestial Space Moons and Stars Comforter

Today, I wanted to continue with the star theme, but make it more colorful. I used Illustrator to create a cosmic optical illusion field.

Originally, I was only going to post it for stickers, but decided it looked rather cool on other products as well.

Psychedelic Stars Stickers

Having the ability to get two new designs uploaded in a manner of 12 hours is helpful for my motivation and productivity, and makes me feel better about spending more time on my illustration work.

Borderlands Fan art

I also created some Borderlands fan art, that I submitted to the Redbubble Partner Program, and am now impatiently waiting to see if I was approved. I can’t share the designs with you, yet, but once they are approved *fingers crossed* I will.

Upcoming Illustration

I have begun on some holidays inspired illustrations and the first one is for all my stoners out there who utilize cannabis to help with day-to-day life.

Cannabis has been a life-saver for me, but I know it isn’t for everyone. For me, cannabis has assisted in my ability to function day-to-day while experiencing chronic pain; assisted me when I stopped drinking alcohol; and allows me to feel much more comfortable in my own skin.

I will be exploring the cannabis niche for illustration and design. They say to draw what we enjoy, and I enjoy cannabis. It only makes sense to start allowing myself to dive into the niche and expressing my appreciation for the plant.

Psychedelic Stars Face Mask

The Etsy Shop

Friends, I was so excited to start the Etsy shop and thought I had it all worked out, but now I am not so sure. I share this with you to maintain ultimate transparency as I build myself as an artist and designer.

Why do I feel this way?

Because, regardless of my good SEO, Etsy is not showing my shop to shoppers. I first thought it was simply because I am new, and that may be the case, but the first two weeks I had at least 3 viewers a day; a number that made sense to see as a new shop.

The last seven days my Etsy shop has had zero traffic according to Etsy stats, and since there are also not any favorites happening, I can only assume my shop is simply not being seen.

Shop Posters

I am using eRank to work on my listings so I know the titles, descriptions and tags are no longer lacking as much they were before.

How can my shop have had more viewers and visitors when my listings were sub-par, but now have none when my listings’ SEO is better?

Possibly, what I am creating people on Etsy do not care about. I think this is the obvious answer.

Though I only spent around $5 last month to start up my shop, I can’t keep spending money on listings if I am simply not being looked for.

I’m not quitting!

In the Etsy forums and Etsy subreddit, I see multitudes of other sellers with the same problem I am having, so I know I am not alone.

What I have to do is work on making my current listings really good; researching what people are buying on Etsy more; then, create for the market. Admittedly, I didn’t start creating for a specific market and I am fairly certain that is where I am currently failing.

For the time being, Etsy listings will remain what they are until I do more research and create designs for the Etsy specific market (or until I start building on audience here of people who appreciate my work 😉

An interesting challenge this e-commerce thing is as an artist; I’m not quitting, but I have to observe more before I really continue with Etsy.

Shop Posters


We all need goals, right? We do.

Without them, we forget what drives us which often leads to creative burnout. I have a few goals I want to share with you and maybe you can help me achieve some of them.

(And who knows, maybe I can help you, as well)

Short term goals:

  1. Start making sales! I need to increase the traffic to my shops WITHOUT the use of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (remember, I’m not using those platforms) and I need that traffic to convert to sales.
  2. Use earnings from sales to purchase an iPad and iPen so I can be more mobile when working. Right now, I am confined to my desktop and admittedly that can become less than inspiring.
  3. Start blogging more than once a week. I spend a lot of time in creative mode, but I need to create more time to talk with you all about my creative mode. More blog traffic may lead to more shop traffic.
  4. Reach 100 designs on Redbubble. I am currently at 34 designs so I have a little ways to go, but uploading designs daily, I will get there in no time.

Long Term Goals:

  1. Use Etsy and Redbubble earnings to open a shop on this website.
  2. Make enough money to support myself.
  3. Have a successful art/design career that allows me to live in a house on some land near a body of water, and be happy. 🙂

What are some short term goals you have?

Let’s discuss our goals in the comments and see how we can help each other!

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