Cannabis and Candy Canes

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In yesterday’s post, I told you how I was working on a cannabis holiday design for the shops. Cannabis and Candy Canes is finished and posted on Redbubble.

Cannabis and Candy Canes

I honestly love how this turned out and feel it captures my drawing style well. Hand-lettering and playing with the letters freehand was fun, as well, and I feel it gives the design a nice character.

Though I think it looks rad on the stickers and shirts on Redbubble, my favorite product to have this design on is the greeting card.

I think any cannabis enthusiast might appreciate a card like this, don’t you?

Candy canes are so yummy after a good toke session, a hit on the canna-pen, or even once those edibles kick in; because you know how our breath can get.

What do you think? Would you like to see more cannabis inspired art from me? Let me know in the comments some of your ideas!

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Update on the Borderlands Fan Art

I got emails this morning from Redbubble saying they sent my work to Gearbox! Now I wait and see if Gearbox finds my artwork worthy enough to sell. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I am hoping they get approved.

The ultimate hope is, of course, to get into the niche and hopefully start making sales while getting to exercise my skills and imagination pulling inspiration from something that is familiar to others.

The emails said it could take 2-4 weeks before I hear back about whether or not I am approved to sell my Borderlands fan art designs, so now I just sit and wait and create more!

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