Motivational Designs

As a graphic designer, I pull inspiration from various mediums. Photography is one of those mediums that inspires me. Today, I have begun posting my new collection of motivational and inspirational quotes using my photography.

Admittedly, I won’t be taking photos for National Geographic any time soon, but I am having fun creating motivational poster designs out of some of my photography.

Photographic Prints

This new motivational design collection allows me to utilize my own photography and my graphic design skills. I like the simplicity of the designs, and am enjoying creating them.

These are only a couple of the ones currently available in the Redbubble shop.

Upcoming Etsy Shop Update

These designs will be part of a big drop in the Etsy shop at the beginning of November.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have decided to focus primarily on poster making. Making posters is fun for me and it is what originally drove me to taking graphic design classes at community college.

The year 2021 will be spent working to master my poster making abilities, and, of course, working to build up my online shops.

Where to Shop Motivational Designs Now


You can’t get the designs in the Etsy shop just yet, but you can shop them currently in my Redbubble shop and the designs are available on a few different products.

Products you can shop these designs on include posters, prints, stickers, and face masks.

Share Product Photos with Me

Have you purchased one of my designs? Send me a photo of you with the product via the Contact page and you can win a 10% off coupon to the Etsy shop and a feature here on the blog.

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