Borderlands Fan Art on Redbubble

I was accepted by Gearbox for the Borderlands fan art partnership program on Redbubble! I can finally share this drawing I did a month ago made specifically for Redbubble and Borderlands.

A minimalist take on Lilith, aka Firehawk, from Borderlands.

(If you’d like to see which image I used as reference, you will find it here.)

I feel really happy that this was accepted because Borderlands art is some of my favorite video game artwork. It also feels good to know that Gearbox liked my design enough to say “yes” to it. Definitely a little mental boost I needed today.


After looking through the existing fan art on Redbubble for Borderlands, I saw that most people stick to a similar style of work. That’s fine and safe and they probably have steady sales for sticking to familiarity; but I wanted to make something different.

Borderlands Lilith T-Shirt

If you dig this rendition of Lilith from Borderlands, the only place you can buy it is in my Redbubble shop *squeee*!

Okay, that’s also cool to say that something is exclusive to my shop.

Shop Lilith from Borderlands Minimalist Fan Art and support an independent artist.

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