Hypnotizing All Seeing Eye

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New Hypnotizing Art

Friends, if you frequent this realm you know I have been struggling as an artist and designer recently. I haven’t found my niche yet, nor have I really found who I am as an artist. However, I think this new Hypnotizing All Seeing Eye design is pretty close.

This new trippy design is a play on a piece I did a few years ago. I have been wanting to do something with it in a different way, so I opened the file a few days ago and began experimenting.

Optical Illusion Designs

When I have doodled throughout my life, it has almost always been optical illusion inspired; full of black and white repeating patterns. I got away from creating optical illusion designs, and psychedelic inspired designs as I began exploring graphic design.

I can see now how even just the few classes I took of graphic design, led me away from my creativity and passion. However, that can’t be said without also saying, it did help me improve my skill. It is simply that I couldn’t see that I should be incorporating my passion into the knowledge.

The goal is to eventually make a living, and I thought I had to become what was already proven successful in order to be successful as an artist and designer, financially. This may be the truth, too. I’m sure that Etsy shop that makes generic phrase tee shirts is cashing more checks (so-to-speak) than I am.

Optical illusions inspire me; they help me. When my mind is running wild, creating or looking at optical illusions quiet things for a moment. I see now that that is something I need to focus on, and I fully intend to.

Hypnotizing All Seeing Eye in the Etsy and Redbubble Shops

The Hypnotizing All Seeing Eye design is already available in the Etsy shop as a canvas art print. I was so excited when I saw this final product, I could not wait to find what it would look good on.

Trippy All Seeing Eye Canvas Art Print

Speaking of what it would look good on, it also looks rad on Redbubble products.

Hypnotizing All Seeing Eye Classic T-shirt

I think this is, so far, my best design. It’s me but it’s also created in a way that it isn’t only me. I’m excited to experiment with other ideas, I have, and can’t wait to see the end result of those ideas that still exist in my brain.

Etsy Shop Update Begins This Weekend

The Etsy shop, DaniDoesDesignsShop, will begin seeing some new art prints and canvas prints added to the shop starting this weekend or sooner. Head over to the shop and favorite it to receive notifications as new items arrive.

Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos!

This weekend is Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, and even though we aren’t trick-or-treating or attending parties, the spooky season vibe can still be felt. We have our pumpkins around the house waiting to be carved, and I will be watching scary monster movies all day Saturday.

I hope you all have a safe, socially distant, mask wearing (if around people) weekend.

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