Dani Knapp Creates YouTube Channel

My friends, I have uploaded my first video to the new Dani Knapp Creates YouTube channel! It’s just a teaser for the channel to give people an idea of what I intend on doing with the channel, but I am excited about it.

Watch it here!

I’m telling you all, a fire has ignited in me once again. It’s important I should pace myself, however, or else I do risk a quick burnout. As long as I can not push myself to burn out, and instead burn at a lower heat (if you will), I see nothing but adventure ahead.

(Adventure in art, of course. I am still locking myself down and staying out of Covid’s way as much as possible.)

New Website/Brand Name

Have you noticed the site’s new name? Maybe cliche to use one’s own name as their brand, but a google search rendered no returning results of others using it as their brand name, and it does feel like a better fit if I can’t use Dani Does Designs.

When I originally created that name, I knew it probably wasn’t unthought of by other designers by the name of Dani, but because their brand names weren’t exactly that, I thought it would be okay. Last week I realized and decided the name was simply too close to others’ names to stand out on its own; that’s when I came up with “Dani Knapp Creates”.

It’s sort of all encompassing, too, isn’t it? I’m not only an illustrator, I’m also a graphic designer and music composer. I spend my time creating so why not use a name that encompasses all that I do, and not only part of what I do.

It feels right. It feels good.

See You in 2021…again

Honestly, I didn’t anticipate writing today, but I was so excited to share this less-than 2 minute video with you, and honestly just proud of creating animated graphics for it, so here I am. This will be my last post of the year, though.

Be safe this New Year’s eve if you’re celebrating in any way. I suggest staying home and celebrating making it through 2020 away from the infection, but I’m not telling you what to do. I also just really like being at home, so I may be biased, but also there is a virus out there ravaging the planet. Don’t think you’re above or immune to life; it catches us all, eventually. Be smart, and be empathetic.

Let’s let 2021 be the year where we collectively start thinking and acting like we care about more than just ourselves, and start thinking and acting as a collective. We don’t have much time left to prove we deserve this life.


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