Happy New Year

Happy New Year, friends! If you’re anything like me, you were asleep by 10:30 pm and over people partying during a highly contagious and still mutating virus. I’m angry at humans for their lack of empathy and willingness to tone down their alcoholism for just one night. No one needed to party, it doesn’t effect the upcoming year at all, and I think people who did attend and host parties are selfish.

A Quick Rant About the United States and Covid-19

For those who didn’t party, I want to say thank you for having awareness for the world and those that live with immunocompromised systems.

I’m tired of a certain group of people (many who still refuse to accept the legal election because their orange dictator doesn’t want to go to prison) telling me and people like me who are still social distancing and wearing masks, that we are “living in fear”. The truth is we are living in reality, the one that same group of people loves to ignore and make up facts about.

Yes, friends, I’m a little irritated at the world. I wonder if any of you feel like you’ve been gaslit by Trump supporters so much to the point you wonder if we are living in separate realities?

We aren’t living in separate realities, of course, we are sharing this reality and some people are acting like only they exist in the world, and it angers me. I will try to apply love and empathy for the sad brainwashed, but at what point does tolerance become enabling?

Getting the Year Started

I have been working through the holidays to get ready for this year. I’ve been filming for YouTube videos, exploring features of Procreate, and expanding my portfolio.
I am so excited for what is to come this year!

Isometric Isolation

I love being home and isolated away from the world. Regardless of the pandemic, I am pretty sure my future will look a lot like how 2020 looked: away from social norms and people. The pressure to be “normal” in society as a neurodivergent is suffocating.

I found myself last year, and I started allowing myself to just be myself (the person I was before society told me who and what and how to be) and since spending so much time with myself, I discovered isometric illustration and the satisfaction it creates in my brain.

Well, I didn’t discover it, I’ve always dabbled in it, but thanks to Procreate, now I am making them better and faster.

Available on Redbubble

I also am beginning to explore animation, starting out with making gifs and I am using isometric illustration as the vehicle.

I could honestly watch that little gif for a very long time, but that might be my [suspected] autism.

I will be making YouTube videos of creating isometric illustrations and gifs, too.

For the Future…

Before the year really gets started, I wanted to ask you all what you’d like to see from me on my YouTube channel and here on the blog. Please let me know in the comments if there’s a specific topic you’d like me to cover regarding art and illustration (and me).

In the near future, a few things are happening: web shop is coming!
I will also be adding premium, paid content like exclusive looks at my process via video and digital journals; digital downloads like wallpapers for your phones and computers; exclusive access to art prints before they go on sale in the shop; and more.

If that is something that excites you, please give me a “😃” in the comments to let me know you’re ready for this year! If you’re not already subscribed to the blog, hit follow and jump on the bus!

Here is to a very psychedelic, isometric future in the year 2021!

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