Leaving Instagram for Good…I Hope

Quick post!

I have once again deactivated my Instagram accounts, it’s been a couple days now. That was after not really using it for a week or so. To you, this may or may not be significant, but to me, it is.

Compulsive selfie

I have been addicted to Facebook’s style of social media since 2006. I deleted my Facebook in 2017, but couldn’t quit Instagram. As an artist and musician, I believed my work didn’t matter unless I was on Instagram, “networking”.

I am hoping that isn’t the case, of course, because every time I deactivate, I feel loads better and more creative and active in the mind. Life is better without Facebook.

Have you left Facebook’s social medias? If so, I’d love to know how you felt in the weeks/months/years that followed without using the platforms.
Feel free to share in the comments what more you’ve accomplished since quitting Facebook social media!

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