I Closed My Etsy Shop and Received Ugly Samples from Printify

Like the title says, I have closed my Etsy shop.

The purpose of the closing is so I can focus all my finances and attention to this blog and shop. I realize it is a sudden decision but Etsy is continuously changing their policies to make it so they have more control of sellers’ monies, and I need to be in control of my finances; they are limited.

Samples Arrived and They Aren’t Pretty

Today I received samples of notebooks that I had listed and I was less than satisfied with some of them. Unfortunately it appears my uploaded files for the notebooks were less than par.

Faded image

The cover of the notebook is heavy paper and appears that because of this fact, the ink is just absorbed by the paper with the existing color settings for my digital artwork. Both samples that used my digital drawings looked this way. Not only that, it appears I failed to apply enough bleed because there is a white empty space at the bottom of the design.

The designs were created with 300dpi so there shouldn’t be an issue of quality in that regard, especially for a product designed smaller size than the image file. This leads me to believe that it has to do with the CMYK profile. The problem is I can’t find anywhere on the Printify site where it states what color profile to use for products.

You may also notice the design on the image above appears that I uploaded it too large, and just really doesn’t look good. I may try making it smaller for the notebook cover.

Not all of the samples were low quality, my collage turned out nice, minus a bleed error.

Notice the difference in quality between the two design images

I have already adjusted the image on the product design, and like how this turned out so for the time being, in the shop it stays.

Adjusted Prices

I have adjusted the price of the notebooks listed here on the website shop. They are now listed for $12.99

Why I Decided to Close the Etsy Shop

When I opened the Etsy shop last year I was trying to make a few dollars and putting my design eggs in multiple baskets. However, it seems that Etsy is taking a lot of money from sellers while doing little to provide a valid space for handmade creators and artists to thrive in the marketplace.

With the amount of money I will be forced to pay Etsy in always-changing fees, the stress of being held hostage by a computer based algorithm that favors shops that aren’t abiding to Etsy’s policies, and Etsy’s failure to maintain and uphold its own policies, I could have my own shop. That’s what I realized, and decided to do. Obviously.

I was wrong about offsite ads, too. You won’t find that post anymore, though. If Etsy still provided the marketplace it used to, offsite ads would be worth it. Since they no longer provide that space, and provide no real service at all, offsite ads is nothing more than a money grabbing scheme.

Sellers should be in charge of their own advertisements when up to 15% of the entire sell, including shipping, is taxed.

I hope my closing the Etsy shop is of no inconvenience to anyone, the shop here will build up; in time.

Pushing Through the Setbacks

My first goal now is to find out where I have messed up in regard to the quality of printed design for products. I will have to order new samples once I think I have figured it out, too, which means I won’t be able to list new items into the shop until I know how they look.
I would like to invest in a quality printer for my home office so that I can test out what the designs will look like before creating product listings but that will have to wait.

I feel bummed out that I feel I didn’t think some things through enough before spending the money to create them, like the Etsy shop, but I can’t let a little trial and error hold me back from trying to do what I want to do my way. I am pushing through and working to get my shop filled with cool stuff.

I promise no more quick decisions like the decision to close the Etsy shop. I hadn’t made a sale yet and it seemed better to get off that train before I did. I’m learning lessons as I go and I’m sure there will be more frustration in the future, but my hope is to make this website an extension of me.

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