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Daily Dani: Issue One


As I mentioned in my last post, I want to make this website an extension of my work and me. That’s why I am setting a goal to do “Daily Dani” posts. Letting you see into my processes in between vlogs and finished pieces. Today, I begin this journey with you.

I Ordered Post Card and Coffee Mug Samples

This morning I placed an order for post card and coffee mug samples that I hope will lead to my adding them to the shop. I am most excited about the coffee mug, not gonna lie, because I’m a bit of a coffee fiend and I love unique coffee mugs. The waiting will be the hardest part, I hope.

Progress on a Psychedelic Piece

I have been working to evolve a traditional illustration I did a few years ago. This piece:

It is the piece that I am focused on in my first vlog:

I’ve finished the base color fills, and have begun adding shading details. I wasn’t sure if I should add shading or leave it two-dimensional but once I began to test it, I knew that the answer was “do it”.

Of course this means it is going to take longer than I anticipated, but it’s going to be worth it. I promise.

A Hawk Hangs Out in my Neighborhood

Check out this hawk I photographed last week! I went to take the trash out and saw this feathered babe just hanging out on this pole; looking for something to hunt, I’m sure.

See you tomorrow

I have a peak into another isometric illustration coming for you tomorrow!

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