Isometric Saturday | Daily Dani: Issue #3

I have to admit that today I was not very productive. As you can see, I spent most my day in bed.
That’s what weekends are for, right?

Did you get out of bed today? I got out but only temporarily. I am actually writing this from in bed, too.

This isometric illustration will be finished by Monday and I will be putting it in the Redbubble shop as well as in the shop here on the blog. Admittedly, I have been sleeping on this design this past week because I have been working on my psychedelic piece.

The piece should have been finished by now but I enjoy having multiple projects happening at once, though it can at times create some competing time. Can’t finish multiple pieces at the same exact time!

I took this this other day because I liked how the sun was shining in my room.

Were you productive today? Tell me in the comments one thing you accomplished today.

Inspiring Graphic Design

Today I started watching The Morning Show on Apple+ and am enjoying it quite a bit (bummed there aren’t more episodes to binge). One thing in particular that I really enjoy is the intro. The graphic design is simple but fun, and it inspires me to continue exploration into graphic design.

Check out this intro:

I am going to have to explore some points in my work more, as I realize I rarely use them in my work, but I quite enjoyed experimenting while in graphic design class.

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