Artist Vlog Episode Two | Daily Dani #4

Happy Monday, friends! Today, I have uploaded my second vlog video to my YouTube channel. After watching the video here, please head over to the channel and subscribe and help me gain some traction on YouTube. (I’d be ever so grateful)

I am beginning to get into a better habit of using my phone as a vlogging camera, and slowly remembering to document more and more. The vlogs will hopefully get better and better as I progress.

Creating A Logo

Now that I have the vlog posted, I am going to spend the next few days focused on designing my brand logo and of course, I will be documenting that process as I go.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the sketches I have for the logo so far. I will sketch as many as I can think of, shooting for 30-50 sketches. Then, I will narrow those down to ten eventually to one. I actually already have one I decided I like and have translated it further, but I will continue exploring options.

Some of the rough sketches of ideas for my brand logo

See you tomorrow!

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