Gearbox Approved My Borderlands OC for Redbubble

In my Redbubble shop, Dani Does Designs, last October I submitted a fan art OC to the Gearbox Borderlands partnership program. A few weeks ago (January), I received the email saying they have approved my work to sell on the Redbubble marketplace!

I realize the reality may be that people are not buying fan art, and it is true her backstory is mostly in my own mind (which I am about to share with you), but to be approved to sell it feels good. I honestly didn’t think it would be approved, and when my Lilith design got approved only two weeks after submitted, I assumed Clum-Z Janis simply wasn’t going to be approved.

Clum-Z Janis’ Backstory

If you’re a fan of the Borderlands series, I hope you will appreciate the simple backstory I developed for Janis. My partner somewhat helped inspire her story, he is the one who got me into Borderlands and is a bigger fan than I am when it comes to playing it. In that, he can sit for hours and days on end and only play Borderlands, where I play it occasionally after the first play through.

I love the art of Borderlands the most.

Clum-Z Janis Sticker

Clum-Z Janis is the first of her kind. Clumsy because her eyelashes are always in her eye, and her wires are a bit crossed. Janis runs into things constantly. She’s had to have significant cosmetic work since her initial creation due to damage.

Janis’s creator was drunk when they wired her, and when she was first initiated she kind of just rolled around in circles crashing into things. So, the creator, being drunk, thought it would be funny to name her Clum-Z. Janis was the name of their ex of whom they were still in love with (the main reason they were drinking).

Janis was created to be a more empathetic version Cl4p-Trp after complaints from Pandorans that Cl4p-Trp was, for lack of better terms, an asshole.

Due to Janis’s wiring, she pretty much just follows around which ever Cl4p-Trp she meets, and they all find her incredibly annoying. She’s always running into the back of them; running into walls and doors; she’s rolled off a cliff at least 15 times in her life. Janis really is a liability to have around, if everyone is being honest.

Oddly enough, despite feeling incredibly annoyed every moment Janis is around, Cl4p-Trp is also secretly in love with her. She makes his inner fans whirr.

Shop Clum-Z Janis Exclusively on Redbubble

In my Redbubble shop is the only place you’ll find Clum-Z Janis. Funds gained from sales go towards a professional printer for at home so I can sell art prints and stickers from home (without the use of outside printer companies).

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