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Recently, I discovered a whole new corner of YouTube I didn’t know existed. Now that I know it does, I want to stay there all day. I know that ASMR has been growing in popularity, but I had never ventured into that territory, myself. The other day I searched for “coffee house environment” and had my eyes and mind opened to a whole new peace I didn’t know was attainable without having to be around people or live somewhere else.
Artificial ambient environment. I am in love.

YouTube Channel Calmed By Nature

Artistic Ambience

The ones I like the most are the ones that look realistic, but you can still tell it’s a digital painting, like the one above.

I also really, really love the ones where people are getting imaginative with the landscape or environment. Like this one from YouTube channel Autumn Cozy.

Ambience for Overstimulation

I have been getting lost in my imagination with these while I draw or clean house. Usually I have music playing in the house, but lately I have needed to quiet things down a bit. Sometimes music, especially the kind with lyrics, makes overstimulation worse, for me, and lately I have really just needed the calmest environment in our house as possible.

The ambient environment sounds have been helping me significantly with focus, and I feel far less irritable than usual. I am getting way more accomplished than usual.

Ambient Nature

For those who aren’t into the digital painting animation scenes, and need a more natural environment, I found this channel. The greatest thing about The Silent Watcher‘s YouTube videos is (at least of the ones I have watched) they don’t have ad interruptions.


Do you have a favorite ambient/ASMR channel? Share it in the comments so we can let others know about the greatness of ambient environments and ASMR videos!

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