Logo Sketching Time Lapse | Daily Dani #7

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In This Post: New Redbubble Design; Logo design sketches

Due to house chores that have been neglected needing to no longer be neglected, I spent my day cleaning house. I almost put off posting today but I have a personal goal to post every day (as much as possible). By the end of the year I hope to have 300+ posts here on the blog, so I can’t be lazy!💪🏽

End Wall Street

I did get a quick design done for Redbubble playing off current events in this morning, though. I’m a supporter of taxing the wealth and sharing/redistribution of wealth, and I fully support the Redditors who are working to take down or demand change on Wall Street.

In honor of the ongoing situation, I made a simple design hoping to capitalize on capitalism.

Stickers at Redbubble

Redbubble is apparently having issues with the site, according to Redditors on the Redbubble subreddit, however the only issues I have had is being unable to copy links and share links (which is why the photo isn’t directly linked).

Logo Sketching Time Lapse Part One

I want to share with you a quick Procreate time lapse of sketching for my logo design. I have more to share in another post where I will go in detail about the logo creation process, and share the process in long video form.

Happy Weekend!!

We have once again made it through a week! We deserve to take a moment to ourselves and just breathe. Think of all we have accomplished this week. We are pretty amazing, aren’t we?
Yes. Yes, we are.

Some Weekend ambience for you to enjoy

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