Printful Postcard Samples and Digital Downloads Coming to the Shop | Daily Dani #8

In this post: I share postcard samples I ordered from Printful and get honest about not thinking things through all the way about products for the shop. Why didn’t I think about digital downloads!? Also, I share an animated witchy gif created by stamps I bought through Etsy.

Printful Postcard Samples

Yesterday in the midst of deep cleaning my house (I guess I’m “spring cleaning”), I checked the mail and my samples I ordered had arrived. Other than the design placement, the quality is great.

Their quality is good but I am not sure I will list them to sell. It would be at little to no risk to myself to list them, due to their affordability, but I’m not sure paper products are what we as artists should be selling these days. Climate change is a real threat and paper products are slowly becoming a thing of the past as we become more and more sustainable in our living.

Admittedly, I got caught up in wanting to see my work on products and trying to find products people can use. Let’s be honest, though, who is still buying and sending postcards?

The answer is likely not many. Most people do everything digital these days, myself included.

I got caught up, once again, in others’ print-on-demand success stories, I forgot to ask what the market is actually like and what can the market be for me, and the answer is: digital.

Digital Downloads Coming Soon to the Shop (like this week soon)

After coming to this realization while writing what was supposed to be yesterday’s daily blog, I decided I was too exhausted from the day to write about my thoughts. Sometimes those pesky thoughts are elusive and when you add exhaustion to the mix, well, they’re downright non-existent.

I was writing about the postcards and began to ask myself why I was even going to offer postcards.

Sure, postcards are a cute, easy way to get my art in peoples’ hands, but so is offering DIGITAL DOWNLOADS!

That’s why this week I will begin listing some of my digital pieces as digital wallpapers for your phones and tablets, as well as printable items. (Why did no one remind me this was a thing I should be doing?)

Trial and Error

Yes, my shop is in a sad state at its beginning, but I think once I start listing digital products, it will begin to form itself more. I’m one of those have-to-learn-through-trial-and-error kinds of people.

Less physical items will be in the shop than digital, but I do have tee shirt samples on the way and intend on posting shirts along side the digital products.

Thanks for being patient with me while I go through starting up my art business. It’s definitely a trial-and-error journey and I think about this blog and my art constantly. I’m in it for the long haul and fully intend to make this site help me live my life my way. #BeYourOwnBoss

Procreate Stamp Brushes from Etsy sellers

Real quick, before I got get my Sunday started, I have to share this with you. I bought these from Etsy seller DiBrush that are Wicca and witchcraft related stamps (I have been studying witchcraft as a solitary practitioner) and I made a little gif out of them.

These are stamps like ink stamps but for Procreate (genius!)

I animated the kitty’s tail and colored it in. I had a lot of fun and plan on trying out some stamps for more design work and illustrations. (I will add more to this scene too but I really wanted to share some art with you today!)

Do you like when I create animated gifs? Would you like gifs to be downloadable? Let me know in the comments!

Like I said, it’s Sunday and I have another half of the house to clean today, so I better get jacked up on this coffee and get to work!

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