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Happy Tenth Issue of Daily Dani

I have a treat for you in this post (if you want it): a free phone wallpaper. Yesterday, I created this wallpaper using the crystal brush on Procreate, then decided to turn it into a gif!

I thought it would be wonderful to share it with you, and you’re free to download it as many times as you like so you can share with your friends. All I ask is that if you find yourself downloading more than a couple, please make a small donation to the blog so I can keep making fun art for you.

Crystals Falling Inward Gif

This gif might make for a fun website graphic for a metaphysical shop, don’t you think?

Making the Gif (short video)

To show a little of my process to create the gif, please enjoy this short video of the layer adjustment process.

Free Phone Wallpaper Download

The free download phone wallpaper is sized specifically to fit phone screens. It may fit to your tablet screen, as well. If you try make it fit a large screen, it may become pixelated. A paid iPad version is on the way.

I hope you enjoy this free phone wallpaper! Let me know if you download it and enjoy it, in the comments!

If you share it on social media, linking back to the blog is greatly appreciated.

What Wallpaper Design Would You Like to See More Of?

I am on a kick of creating mobile wallpapers, and I’m looking for ideas! Let me know in the comments what design style you’d like to see more of and it might end up the next free wallpaper!

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