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Today I am experiencing burnout. For me, it happens at least once every 7 days. Sometimes it will only last a day, and other times it lasts longer. I have been writing a blog almost every day, with the goal being to write a post daily.

I used to do it on Instagram so it shouldn’t be too hard to do, right? But it feels sometimes like I am speaking into the void. That should free me, and in most instances it does. Today, however, it makes me feel burnt out.

Burnout didn’t stop me today entirely, though. I did draw some and try to find inspiration, but everything I ended up not giving much of my attention. It’s okay. There are days like this. I am going to be gentle on myself and not give in to the corporate capitalist mentality of working oneself to death…or worse, depression.

I know about depression well, and I know that, for me, when it leers in my direction, I have to listen to it as a message from my subconscious that I need to rest.

So today I have nothing to offer except transparency about being a human being who is pretending they are a working illustrator while also pretending they are a homeschooling parent (I am that, it’s just exhausting and I constantly feel like I am failing). I woke up very low and I spent the day watching Pokémon cartoons and Aumsum Time with the little one. I accomplished exactly nothing in the way of real productive work.

My goal is to post a blog a day for at least 100 days. I’m on post 11. I don’t know if I will hack it, but I want to try, so I am posting today to keep myself accountable, and to stay on track of my goal.

I invested in a $10 waffle maker so I can make dairy free waffles and I now live on waffles. Highlight of my week so far was being able to make this delicious plate.

Post #11

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