My Illustration Project was Featured on Behance

I have been on Behance for a while but only recently have I started updating my profile to match my current work. Recently, Adobe Fresco featured one of my projects on Behance!

The project is an ongoing illustration project, where I will be adding new illustrations and gifs as I complete them. I updated the project just this morning, in fact, to feature my newest psychedelic illustration.

Why I Like Behance

Yesterday, I let you know that I was feeling pretty low and uninspired. I can’t say I am waking up feeling magically better today, but mentally I do feel a little better.

Something I like to do when I am uninspired, and I bet you do, too, is look at other peoples’ work and portfolios. At times it can make me feel like an imposter, though, I will admit. There are so many amazing creators out there and even though in my head I have ideas, I struggle implementing them.

Creators on Behance inspire me, though, even if I feel like they are all better than me. It’s good, sometimes, to feel that way as a creative because it can push us to hone our skills better.

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