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I started this week feeling really low and uninspired, and I am happy to say I am ending the week on a lighter note. I realized, once again, I was putting a whole lot of pressure on myself for absolutely no reason. It’s some thing I do a lot.

When I became uninspired, I decided it was because I’m bored and can’t find the stimulation I’m looking for. I decided to start sketching one of my bamboo that sits in my living room. I think the art of just drawing for no reason is what I’ve been missing.

Bamboo Sketch Timelapse

I re-installed Adobe Fresco, and removed the Paperfeel screen cover that was apparently causing big issues for my Apple Pencil, and the app is working better for me now.

I’ve been wanting to explore still life with the goal of drawing a scene, like those used for those lofi YouTube videos like ChillHop, so I figured starting with things around my house is the best way.

Drawing Pikachu for TikTok

Yes. I made an account on Tik Tok for drawing. It is an experiment.

I was really hesitant to do it but to be quite frank, I have to go where the people are if I want to build an illustration career. Since I still have yet to develop my style and find what I’m really good at, I am looking at the account as an exploration and experiment.

I also have been wanting to explore character illustration. Here’s a Pikachu sketch I documented for Tik Tok. It isn’t finished but that’s what’s kind of cool about Tik Tok, I guess the more real the better. I can get behind that if it’s a true statement; I guess I will find out!

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