1960s Theme Groovy Flowers Digital Download

1960s Obsession Phase

When I was younger, about 8th grade time frame, I went through a phase where I obsessed over the 1960s. Not obsess like normal kids who just really, really like something related to the 1960s; I absorbed all I could about the history of the decade.

Being the person I am, I decided in the 8th grade to become the 1960s. It was a phase, of course, and now as an adult I have learned more about the reality of the decade I romanticized. However, it is still fun to try to recreate the themes in pop culture that have transcended the decade itself.

1960s Theme Digital Wallpaper

A while back, I created this design for Redbubble, and it has been my best seller and most liked design. Today, I decided to make it into a digital wallpaper.

This groovy wallpaper is ready for download and only $.99 to support my work and allow me to continue creating.

I hope you enjoy this groovy, 1960s themed digital wallpaper. If you’d like to snag other groovy items, check out my Redbubble shop.

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