Standing with the People of Myanmar

Here in the United States we got lucky. Enough people in the military and government stood against authoritarian rule and did not allow a wannabe fascist dictator to overturn the legal election results this last November. In Myanmar, sadly, the people have not been so lucky.

As I read some articles yesterday about the current situation in Myanmar, who as I understand it, only began democratic elections in 2011, my heart broke. It is not lost on me how easily their situation could be the situation in the United States if enough people aren’t paying attention and working to preserve true democracy.

Since I am no one, with no power and no say, all I could do was draw. I took a different approach than normal, and simply started with loose paint strokes. The strokes became somewhat more refined. The end result isn’t some spectacular digital painting that will make you “ooh” and “ahh”, but it expresses my solidarity with the people of Myanmar.

The three fingers symbol is an anti-authoritarian symbol, and if there’s ever a chance anyone in Myanmar might see this, I want them to know that someone in the United States is aware and sending them support.

I can’t do much else than create art.

My heart and hopes are with the people of Myanmar, who deserve the right to choose their leadership and not live under authoritarian rule. May they quickly take back their country, with limited to no casualty.

Blessed be.

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