Digital Painting Glass Marbles

When I was little, I had hundreds of small glass marbles. I didn’t use them to play jacks, a game that some of you may have never played or heard of, and others may reminisce in nostalgia; I collected them.

Yet another possible example of my lifelong autism, I collected glass marbles by the hundreds simply so I could touch them and admire them.

The cold, smooth texture of the glass marbles and their colorful designs kept my brain satisfied for hours. I grew out of that interest (though I have been wanting to begin collecting again) and inevitably gave away my collection of marbles to a Goodwill as I got older.

Digital Painting in Adobe Fresco

By skill, I am an illustrator. I like drawing line work, and using lines to demonstrate direction and depth. I love the look of flat color under heavy line work, and it is what I am decently good at.

Something about Adobe Fresco on iPad is that it sadly is not a stable application for creating line work. Unfortunately every time I try to create solid line work, I am met with random pixels and squiggly lines. Maddeningly frustrating and inefficient.

However, I have found that Adobe Fresco is great for digital painting. Digital painting is something I have been admiring for years, but feeling like I am not good enough to do it.

Yesterday, I decided to try digital painting in Adobe Fresco. I looked into my past to find inspiration, and glass marbles is what I saw in my mind’s eye.

The nice thing about painting is that I don’t feel the need to have perfect lines, which really takes a lot of pressure off while creating.

I simply created a filled in circle, and then layered clipping masks over it to create this marble.

I thoroughly enjoyed painting these glass marbles in Adobe Fresco, and will be exploring digital painting further.

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