Remember When Tabloids Were Fake News?

The world has a problem: The tabloids that used to be ignored at the grocery line checkout, have become peoples’ source of news.

Over the weekend, as I watched C-Span and the Impeachment trial of a con man who subsequently was acquitted by 43 traitors to the United States, I also listened to countless Trump supporters call and tell C-Span they were fake news. I heard a woman admit she gets her news from Facebook and YouTube, calling the conspiracy theorists on the platforms the “real reporters”.

This isn’t a problem only in the United States, either. Everywhere social media exists, democracy is falling. Part of the reason is that too many people see tabloid articles and fail to realize they are fake. And of course, people like Mark Zuckerberg revel in the downfall of society, as it means more users use his platform.

Another thing I notice, that corroborates my theory about people reading tabloids as real news, is that I now no longer see printed tabloid magazines at my grocery check out line! They’ve stopped printing them. Why? Because they no longer need to.

Just yesterday on Reddit I asked someone to prove to me, with links to a verified source, how Joe Biden is removing our rights (the thing the disgraced former President actually did) and they linked the Epoch Times. I informed them it was a tabloid article they shared, never insulting them, and their retort was to call me a “liberal shill” who is “unable to form my own thoughts”.

Think about that. To the ones who see tabloids as fact, people like me are the ones who can’t form our own thought. The person also assumed my political affiliation, as they do, and accused me of being blindly loyal to “my political party”. I am registered non-party preference, which means I vote for the party I believe is best serving the people of the United States.

It’s deeply saddening to me that so many are unable to see the difference between tabloid, literal fake news, and verified reporting that uses facts.

So my friends, today I write to you feeling angry at the world, at my nation and the people who cry cancel culture from their large platforms of hundreds of thousands of followers, and the inability of a certain percentage of citizens in the U.S. who are so easily manipulated by lies.

Can the lost be saved?

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