New Downloads in the Shop

The shop has new downloads posted today! All downloads are under $7 and would be a great way to support this blog while getting something for yourself.

Frankenstein’s Monster Digital Illustration Digital Download

This past Halloween, I attempted some digital illustrations of monsters generally associated with Halloween. Obviously, Frankenstein’s monster is not actually a Halloween monster, but he is often associated with Halloween.

Today, I have posted him to the shop in digital download form.

Purple Water Wallpaper and Printable

The next new piece in the shop is a “twofer”. I created a phone wallpaper, and included a printable png with this listing.

I took this photo of the ocean a couple years ago, and had some fun editing it. I think it creates a cool vibe and it’s less than $5.

Astronaut City Collage Digital Download

Last, but not least, is a downloadable collage of astronauts walking through a city of a planet with a floral sky. This is one of my favorite collages I have done because I love the perspective and depth of it. I went on a kick of making collages after I finished graphic design classes last year and this baby has been just sitting on my computer waiting for me to do something with it.

You could, of course, use it as a wallpaper for your phone or tablet, too!

Your Purchases Help Support this Blog

Digital downloads are an affordable way for me to get my work in your hands, and an easy way to show your support for the work I do. I love to create; your purchases allow me to continue doing so. Thank you for your support.

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