Witchy Hand Illustration and Gif

For the better part of the last decade, I have been studying to be a solitary practicing witch. I have always known in my heart that the elements and nature are the true magic in this world, as well as the imagination of the brain. I believe that what we put out, we get back three fold, and while many religions do teach that kindness is the way to happiness, Wicca has been the one religion that has always resonated with me personally.

Recently on Etsy I found some Wiccan stamps for Procreate, as I mentioned in a previous post and have been having a bit of fun using them to make new creations. Using the stamps for commercial use is allowed as long as I change it or add to it in some way, so don’t worry, it’s totally legal. (You can find the Etsy shop link in the post I link above so you can get your own stamps for Procreate!)

If you’re a regular visitor to the blog, you know I enjoy making gifs using my illustrations, and this illustration is no exception.

How It’s Made

I had a lot of fun creating this design and gif. I used Procreate to create the foundation of the design using the stamps. Then, using the saved PNG with a transparent background, I painted the leaves in Adobe Fresco. It is my opinion that Fresco has superior painting brushes. My favorite paint brush in Fresco is soft acrylic. When, in the past, I have painted traditional paintings, soft acrylics are my preference.

Once I finished painting the leaves, I again saved a transparent background PNG. Returning to Procreate to create the gif (because Fresco doesn’t have the ability, yet, but it’s coming soon!). I utilized the selection tool to choose the leaf I would then use the warp tool on, to slightly move the leaf itself.

I set the animation settings to loop at 5 frames per second, and viola!

Both the illustration and the gif are available to purchase.

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