Goddess Earth Digital Painting

I finished this new digital painting tonight. I am calling her “Goddess Earth”. She began as simple doodles, and then she evolved some.

I wanted to incorporate similar leaves as in my Witch Hand Illustration. Partially because I think I want to create some pieces that all utilize similar imagery, but also just because I enjoy drawing leaves and/or vines. I gave her vines as her bottom eyelashes that resemble tears because if I were the Earth Goddess, I would be sad at what humans have done.

As I said, she began as just doodling, and as I progressed with her I knew I had no intentions of it being realistic. To be quite honest, reality is exhausting me and I am just trying to find ways to escape a little bit. Being imaginative in my work doesn’t feel like one of my strong suits, which is frustrating to me, so I am working on being imaginative and being more free in my art.

She’s available to purchase, and she is signed digitally.

She is a big file, as I painted her in 4K settings, so if/when you decide to print her, you may have to scale her down quite a bit. She is about 42inchX42inch or 107cmX107cm.

I have a detailed illustration I am working on that I am not ready to share yet, so it may be a few days before I write again. I hope to see you soon.


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