Cozy Coffee Shop Ambience

I am sitting here at my computer knowing what I want to start working on but being trapped by Twitter and Reddit. Okay, I am not actually trapped; addicted is probably the truth. Addicted to knowing what’s happening outside my personal world. Addicted to seeing the pain? Feeling it? Maybe. It seems that way, lately.

Being so focused on the negative is so exhausting, and I don’t like the person it makes me. Sad. Angry. Lost.

Today being Friday, I’d like to give myself permission to escape into different realities this weekend. I’ve decided on the next piece to do for a digital painting, a painting based on a photograph I took, and currently playing in the back ground is the music of YouTube channel Coffee Shop Vibes video.

I wanted to make a quick post and share this with you, in the case you are like me today and needing to calm the mind and body. I simply love these videos, and they have helped me find the calm I need lately. I’m not sure I will ever know a different way without these kinds of videos.

It’s a Full Moon weekend, and boy does it already feel like it. I hope we can all find some time to accept what is and just be with ourselves and feel at peace. Even if only for a few minutes; sometimes that’s enough.

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