Butterflies In Space and Psychedelic Chameleons and Hummingbirds Digital Downloads

New in the shop this morning: Butterflies in Space and Psychedelic Chameleons and Hummingbirds digital downloads!

For these collages, I utilized stock photography as well as my own personal photography of the ocean and the moon. Personally, I absolutely love to stare at the moon and the ocean, and since they’re both kind of what keeps life going on this planet, I love to use them in collages.

These photo collages were originally created for my Redbubble shop, and now you can download them right here and either print them, or use them as digital wallpaper.

For the chameleons and hummingbird download, I included two sizes of the image. One is sized large for printing, and the other is smaller and meant for the digital realm (if you print the smaller one, I can’t guarantee it will be high resolution, but the larger one is.) The butterflies in space has only one printable file (you can also use it as phone wallpaper, if you like).

With all the talk about NFT “collectables” I keep seeing people claim that NFT is how artists take back control of their work, but that confuses me because no one ever took the artists’ ability to control their work and how it’s sold away from them. In fact, NFT takes control away from the artist entirely, and devalues the art, creating a bidding game not even guaranteeing people the chance to purchase an artist’s work.

I also discovered the NFT is bad for the environment in its current state. If you’re interested in my initial thoughts on NFT and how I believe it is a pyramid scheme (it is), check out this post.

Artists don’t need a stock market to sell their art, and too many are already falling for the scam, but I will not. I will continue to offer affordable downloads of my work that is real and tangible. You don’t need to spend $100 on digital artwork to collect it, and I am making this promise to you right now, I will not be creating a space that makes it so people can’t collect my work.

Bringing Music to the Blog?

I started this year with full intention of running both this blog and a YouTube channel. In fact, I had intention of running two YouTube channels: one for music, one for art. Unfortunately, I failed to realize I am not that kind of organized person who can do so much at once.

My music used to be at a website of its own, but to focus primarily on digital art on this blog, I closed it. However, I do still enjoy sharing my musical ventures. While I want to keep this blog primarily for my digital artwork, music is part of me, and since the blog is DaniKnappCREATES, I wonder how you might feel if I began also sharing some of my music with you?

It won’t be taking over the blog, but I might add a simple page for sharing my music tracks with you, or just add them at the bottom of my posts. As of now, there is a link to the BandCamp page I uploaded music to over the last couple years under my former stage name “Dani the Changeling”. Going forward, I won’t be using that name, though, and will just be myself. I hope you don’t mind the added space for me to share more of me with you.

Here’s a sample of what I enjoy making musically.

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