Pikachu Drawing and Being Child-Like

I lost myself. I let the world steal my passions and kill my innocence. It’s bound to happen, as any adult knows, but when it does, it just about destroys us. Not all of us, of course, some are more capable of holding onto their childlike wonder of and for the world, but me, I lost it for a while.

Over the last year, I started roller skating and riding my bike again, drawing with less pressure to be some prolific artist, brought out my plushie friends (and started adding to the collection), and started allowing myself to play video games again. Specifically Nintendo video games which have a innocent nature like Pokémon and Animal Crossing.

I’ve had this idea of what I was supposed to be because society told me I needed to be it, and I’ve lived my life in depression. As I have begun to give up that ridiculous notion, I have found more inspiration, and even more happiness in my world.

Specifically, I have found happiness and inspiration in Pokémon, Animal Crossing, and Star Trek.

My spouse has always been a big Pokémon fan, but I never got into it as a kid. This last year, though, I started consuming Pokémon via Netflix and I have fallen in love. I’m currently making my way through the Sword and Shield video game, and have even begun collecting a few plushies.

My newest friends just arrived today!

A while back, I attempted to use TikTok and created drawing videos. It’s not for me. I don’t like algorithm social media, and even though Twitter is also algorithm based, somehow it feels like less pressure.

A drawing I had done for TikTok was a Pikachu drawing based on this still I captured while watching Pokémon Journeys.

Today, I completed the drawing.

I think it’s so cute, and honestly, maybe drawing cartoons is how I will continue to find my inner child. It is something I used to do a lot of: drawing cartoons. We will see if inspiration strikes again.

The moral to my post, other than sharing my adorable new friends and drawing, is to remind other adults reading this to allow yourself to be child-like at times. Whether it’s enjoying a kids’ cartoon, or snuggling a soft plushie, just do it.

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