Another Digital Painting Progress Update

Okay, yes. I am taking my time with this painting. Typically, I create illustrations which more or less have solid color fills. With painting, though, it’s more of a mix of colors working together in unison. I admit, it isn’t my strong suit. The process feels much more intentional while also being less intentional?

What I mean is, where as in illustration I use lines to direct the eye and tell the story, in painting it feels more like controlled chaos. At least, that seems to be my painting style. What seems to be happening is I am putting a lot of judgement and therefore taking more time to complete.

Also, since I am painting it based off a photo, my brain is somewhat attached to creating a semi-realistic painting. I am enjoying the challenge, it’s just taking more time because I work little by little and then leave it alone for a day.

I do this because after a while of seeing the painting, the brain can begin to get bored and then finds things it needs to fix. I’m not looking for perfectionism, but my brain sometimes thinks I am.

Here’s the original photo, the sketch, and the recent progress for these crows sitting on branches. I’ve made a couple other posts about it, one with a time lapse video so make sure to check that out.

original photo I took with my Nikon D3500

I can tell you that clipping masks are definitely being used. 😆

The branches are really starting to come together, which is fun to see. Once I finish them up, I will move on to the leaves and this bush top that is in the bottom left of the photo. I haven’t decided how much detail will go into the leaves yet, so for now it’s just a green blob.

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