Creating A Corner for Me

Hello lovelies, I hope who ever is reading this is well and in a moment of peace. The world is chaos and sadness and it can be difficult for me to remember the joy that exists in the world, but last night as I watched the wonderful singer, Aurora, on her YouTube channel, I was reminded of the beauty in others.

I feel music and art quite deeply, often moved to tears. When Aurora sings, her voice feels like a familiar place to me, and I want to share her voice with you.

Adding My Music to the Blog

Starting soon, probably next week, I will begin to share my music with you, here on the blog. This is something I have been considering doing since the beginning of this blog, but I first wanted to see what this blog was going to be to me. I have decided it is my own corner of the internet, where I can share myself with others, and those it resonates with, can join me.

Thanks to the U.S. stimulus package, I have been able to invest in some more music equipment, and I have a new toy on the way supposed to arrive Friday. I am very excited about this because it’s going to allow me to do even more with my voice as an instrument. I honestly cannot wait to start using it and sharing what I make with you.

Video Message

I’m also starting to incorporate some quick video messages with you starting today. I feel this will help others connect with me more, and allow me to share more of myself with you.


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