Sunday Digital Painting Update and Greentea Peng

It’s been four days since my last post and the blog is too quiet! The last week has been less than productive for me, so let me start my week today on Sunday, in efforts to get back into routine.

Crows on Branches Digital Painting Update

My life has been too demanding in aspects other than art, this last week, and I didn’t get a lot of art work done. I’ve tried to sit and work on this painting but responsibilities that include parenting and domestic work simply demanded my attention.

Any other ASD/ADHD artists out there relate to needing to lock yourself away in a room for days and not be interrupted in order to finish work? I feel like because I’m constantly needed or needing to do other things, I don’t get to do the few things I need lots of time to do. Like artwork and music. Unfortunately life doesn’t care about the time I need, and neither does my family (at times).

That said, I have made some progress on this piece. Here is the last update I shared with you…

You can see in the last update, I still had a big green blob for the leaves and bush, and the branches had some contrast and detail but still mainly undeveloped.
Here is the latest screenshot of the progress…

As you can see, I have made some progress. I have begun cleaning up the leaves, and the branches have a good amount of contrast and shading. (The pencil sketch is only for reference and won’t be in the final piece)

Create Something New Everyday is Not for Me

Something I’m realizing while working this and dedicating all my art time to it is that I appreciate making these more detailed works rather than the pieces I’ve done in the past where I was working to create as much as possible. I’ve seen many artists and graphic designers pushing the notion to “create something new everyday”, which is a good exercise in theory, but not reasonable in my life.

I do work every day, even if it’s only for a ten minute time span, but if I were to create something new everyday, I’d never finish a piece! At least, for me, it would not be quality work. It can also lead to burn out, and usually those artists who are pushing the idea, aren’t creating something entirely new every day, rather, they use assets to create something new out of something old. Still creating, of course, but it doesn’t work for me that way, yet.

New Music Artist Recommendation

As mentioned in my previous post, I am big into music and I intend to begin sharing my own music here. I’m actually working on recording a new video song performance this weekend (though my family doesn’t seem to respect my time; when I say not to interrupt, they hear “ask mom for everything now”). I should have that posted later this week, possibly today.

I also want to be able to introduce others to the artists I find valuable. Anyone who turns on the radio knows they’ve been playing the same songs for the last 30 years; anyone who watched the Grammys knows artistry isn’t as important to main stream as performance. Not knocking the Grammy performers, I watched some of the performances on YouTube and thought they were great. (I also love anytime Conservative America loses their shit over a sexualized performance😂)

But the true artists are the ones who usually don’t ever hit main stream, or haven’t hit it yet. Last night, I discovered what I feel to be an amazing artist out of London. They’re name is Aria Wells and she/they go by the artist name, “Greentea Peng” and it’s a bit of soulful, psychedelic r & b, wrapped in soothing vocals.

She may not be a new artist per say, we usually never are “new” when people finally start paying attention, but last night was the first time I had ever stumbled across Greentea Peng’s YouTube channel. I have fallen in love. (As I do.)

I love they’re style, voice, lyrical content, musical content. It’s just very easy for me to listen to and is nostalgic to the 90s Lauryn Hill/Jamiroquai days, which I really love.

Hopefully, you will give it a listen and also fall in love, but if it’s not your cup of tea, that’s okay, too.

Heads Up

I may be making some changes to the blog layout and format just a little bit over the next couple weeks. Mostly, I will be adding a page for my music posts, and working to organize the blog some. My goal is to not change it too much, but I did want to give those who frequent the blog a heads up so that any changes aren’t unexpected.

I’m also wondering if anyone would be interested in subscription content? It would be similar to how Patreon does except right here on the blog. Some posts would be exclusive for paying subscribers, and would feature content before its released with others, tutorials, more detailed posts about my work, and exclusive downloads.

If you’d be interested in paying for exclusive content in a subscription way, please let me know in the comments. I am also considering a non-subscription pay-to-see content, so you might begin to see locked posts over the next few months that would require a small fee to access. These would likely be tutorials and in depth looks at my work, as well as song downloads.

While I believe art and music should be for all, my goals with this blog is to make a career for myself, and to eventually be able to support myself, so adding a few exclusive content posts or subscription packages may be how I can do that. Please let me know how you feel about that in the comments.

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