Digital Painting Update and Thinking About Converting Away from Adobe (Video)

Happy Friday!

Hopefully your week was more successful and productive than mine, in any way that you needed it to be, and I hope your weekend is what you need it to be, as well.

Digital Painting Update

I’m so close to finishing this crow painting, and I’m really excited to see it finished so I can start on my next painting: bee on a yellow flower. It will also be one of my photos that I turn into a painting. (You can download that photo in the shop and use it on your blogs!)

I’m hoping to be completed by Monday but I do want to spend some time with music this weekend, too, and I sadly can’t do them both simultaneously. Would be cool if I could though.

My goal is to be able to share some of my music with you this weekend (hopefully the fam gives me a few uninterrupted hours to play😸).

Stock Photos in the Shop

I’m beginning to add my photography to the shop and they are Creative Commons licenses, which means once you purchase it, you’re free to do as you please with them. This only applies to the photography downloads. Feel free to print them, use them on your blogs, edit them, anything you like.

My only request is please don’t use them to participate in NFTs. Print them and sell them all you want, just please don’t use them to destroy the planet in the name of a buck.

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