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This post contains affiliate links for the Redbubble Affiliates Partnership Program. When you use said links and either join the partnership program or make a purchase, I receive a commission.

While I’m in a bit of a lull for posting new content, I thought I would create a post to amplify an already existing piece. You may recognize this piece from the Downloads Shop here on the blog but it’s also available in one of my Redbubble shops.

Chifon tops

With all the talk and hype about Mars colonization, I felt it was a good chance to amplify this piece that focuses on the use of perspective to create a feeling of these astronauts walking the streets of this imaginary planet with flowers in the skies.

It’s fun to imagine what life could be like on other planets, but even though I love the idea, I think it’s more important to fix what we have destroyed here on this beautiful planet Earth of ours.

For now, other worlds of floral skies live in my imagination and in this collage.

If physical items aren’t your thing, or you’re looking for something a little more affordable, you can purchase the digital download right here on the blog. All funds received from my Redbubble shops and the downloads shop goes towards keeping this blog alive and with limited advertisements.

Okay so maybe you aren’t into this design, but you’re interested about Redbubble. I can say from experience, Redbubble has quality products. I own a shirt, several art prints, and have owned a few posters. The art printed on the shirts isn’t bulky and thick, and when washed only gently fade to a nice soft quality.

The art prints are high quality art prints and some of the best I have seen for the cost, compared to other print-on-demand sites.

It’s my opinion Redbubble reigns supreme of the PoD sites which is why I chose to join their affiliates program.

I am part of the Affiliates Partnership program with Redbubble, which you may have noticed some new banners across the site. When you click those links and make a purchase or join the program, I receive a small commission. This commission is at no extra cost to you wha-so-ever and is just another way you can help support this blog, and my work.


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