Salty Moon Arcade

This post contains links to the equipment I use for music production. I am not paid for these links, and this post is not a sponsored post. I am linking these products so others who may want to explore music production, can as well.

I love drawing and hope to make a career of it, but music…music is my passion.

I’ve been working almost my entire life to be creating the music I am creating now.

I started as a bassist, then learned guitar and became a singer- songwriter.

In 2017, after fiddling around on my iPhone’s GarageBand app, I bought a music production program (also known as a DAW, digital audio workstation) called Mixcraft and fell in love with music production.

Technology and electronic music has allowed me to create entire compositions entirely on my own, sometimes while sitting on my bed in my bedroom. Last year, I bought a Maschine MK3 groove box and fell in love even more.

A photo from when I received my MK3

As I fall more and more in love with music production, I learn more and more and become closer to the music that I hear in my head. I’m no professional, but I have certainly come a long way since beginning music production in 2017.

The last two years, especially, I have spent getting to know myself. In getting to know myself, I’ve been getting to know the music of my soul. Now, I am reintroducing myself to the world as a musician under the moniker, Salty Moon Arcade.

The name has no meaning. It is a random name Tumblr came up with for me and I like the way it feels.

Over the next few months I will be releasing demos and tracks I have been working on over the last couple years on SoundCloud. Some will be lyrical, others won’t. Some will be full songs, others will be experimentations.

The first release is a song about anxiety attacks, and I am very excited to share this demo with you.

My hope is that others who listen to my music will find ways to relate and see themselves in my music, and in my lyrics.

If you enjoy this track, please follow me on SoundCloud, and as always, sharing is caring.

You can also listen on YouTube!

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