Tuesday Creative Update

It’s Tuesday as I write this and I just finished my second watch through of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, and once again his films get better with multiple viewings. His work gets my imagination jogging.

Here’s a quick creative update.

First, a quick look at the crow digital painting that’s taking forever to finish because I’m attempting to divide my time in segments so I can do everything I want to do.

From afar it looks like it’s almost finished, but the perfectionist in me knows it has many more hours to go, especially if I want to make it available to purchase for download. Next painting I think I will do less detail, or, at the very least, pick larger subjects to paint.

Becoming Salty Moon Arcade

I know many of my readers are only here for visual art, and I have lost a couple readers over the last week as I have been adding my music to the site, but as I am working to carve out my own corner of the inter webs, I am creating a space where I can be all versions of me.

As you may have seen in previous posts, I have named my newest music project Salty Moon Arcade. I’ve made a page dedicated to the project where I will post some TikToks I make, share my YouTube videos, and links to my music so you can easily find it.

This weekend, I took the plunge and joined DistroKid and uploaded my first song, “Anxiety”.

Head over to the Salty Moon Arcade page to access the pre-save link so you can stream it as soon as it’s released to your favorite platform. (It’s already on iTunes!) You can also listen to a demo of a new song I am working on.

Support the Blog

Please help me achieve my goals of supporting myself through my creative endeavors.

You can support in many ways: From a simple like and share to your Twitter and Pinterest feeds; a follow and interacting with my videos on TikTok; subscribing to the blog (if you’re not already); to purchasing a digital download in the shop (or my Redbubble shops).

Now you can support by simply listening to (and sharing) my songs from your favorite streaming service. All support is so greatly appreciated.

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