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Hello friends, and thanks for stopping by the blog.

Last week, and this Tuesday, I missed posting due to some burnout I am fighting through. I needed a little break, I hope you all didn’t miss me too much.

I’ve also been feeling like I have nothing important to say, or when I speak it becomes a little too fiery about current events. I have attempted to make a vlog several times this week to no avail.

For today’s post, I will share some of my work from this last week, talk about the music I am creating, and share a new music equipment I got this week.

Update on my Digital Painting

It is taking me a long time to finish the crows on branches digital painting I am doing, as mentioned in previous posts.

I am now so close to being finished that I don’t want to share the piece anymore until it is completed. There will, of course, be a post dedicated to the painting and it will be listed in the Shop

However, I did become inspired this week to draw while I was watching Pokemon. I drew a Poke Ball!

I used Procreate on the iPad to create it, and I think it turned out pretty rad looking. I won’t add this to the Shop, though, due to copyright. This one is just for fan art.

The Weeks Uploading My Music

It’s been almost two weeks since I decided to come back from musical hiatus using the artist name, Salty Moon Arcade, to create a fluid entity of electronic music.

Since deciding to dive back in to putting my music out into the world, I have experienced some social anxiety, as well as intense self-criticism and judgment. It is part of the reason, I believe, that I hit burnout this week.

Some might ask why I would put myself in such situation to feel these sorts of un-comfortabilities and to that my answer is: because I love music and as much as humans sadden me, I also love humans, and I want to share what I’ve made with them.

I suppose there is likely some psychological explanation for it, as well, but it’s just what I’m compelled to do.

I have been using Twitter and Tik Tok to market myself and the music, using my own song in many of my posts on Tik Tok.

I’m trying not to be too intentional with my posts on Tik Tok, which goes against all my nature, but I am having fun thinking of creative ideas to market the music.

Already, I have ideas for music videos, which I do plan on implementing once they are out of the planning stage.

Komplete Kontrol m32 midi keyboard/controller

This week, I purchased the Komplete Kontrol M32 keyboard from Native Instruments. After one afternoon of playing with it (it arrived yesterday), I am already in love.

It works well in Maschine, which is the software from Native Instruments that I use for building and recording my songs, and along side the Maschine MK3.

The Komplete midi keyboard allows me to have more control over the instruments, namely the synthesizer plug-ins, which has already created a new dimension to the music I am making.

Looking to the weekend

This weekend I plan on working to create a techno inspired track for release, and continuing my work on the crows digital painting.

Give me follow on Tik Tok where I post glimpses at my music, and sometimes sing acapella.

Stream my latest release, Anxiety

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