Monday Creative Journal | Techno, Singing, and Visual Art

*Today’s post is a long one full of art and music!*

As I write this, it is Monday morning. I am letting my espresso cool; thinking about what I want to accomplish this week, and about what I accomplished over the weekend.

Yesterday, I attempted to record a performance video of my song, “Anxiety”, but in true fashion of “mom doesn’t get undivided attention time”, I was repeatedly interrupted by one thing or another.

Never mind that I am feeling hypercritical of my singing voice to add into the test of patience.

I love to sing but more and more, especially as I hear others’ amazing singing voices, I feel lower confidence in singing. I know that my voice is not the typical singing voice and that it won’t be for everyone, but lately, even after feeling so confident about the song I recently released, I am now struggling to fight harsh self-judgement.

Regardless of feeling subpar, I did find this one little bit of yesterday’s footage that I enjoyed.

I am beginning to feel like I am in need of a vocal VST to enhance my vocals when recording. The Roland Vt4 that I recently purchased certainly is fun, but it’s not performing the way I hoped.

My vocals are missing the deep warmth that they hold but I am somehow unable to capture. My mic situation may also be the cause of this, but I am on a tight budget for now.

*Espresso number two*

I wanna make techno muSic

Do you like techno music? Over the last year, I have fallen in love. It began because the Maschine MK3 came stock with some techno projects to use and kits of EDM sounds to build tracks with. I started utilizing them mostly because the driving kick drum and bass lines are what I am drawn to in music.

Admittedly, I had not much listened to techno music before I started music production, and am almost entirely ignorant on names related to the genre, and any of the history of it. I am learning, though.

One of the cool things I’ve learned about techno music is that it’s a pretty loose genre of electronic music. With my trying not to put my self in a box, the idea of less restriction and expectation breeds more creative flow.

This weekend, utilizing my new Komplete Kontrol M32 midi keyboard with the Maschine DAW, I created some elementary level techno music.

This was basically a jam session I had with myself this past Saturday, that I turned into something I can post on social media.

It has some panning, and the visuals have flashing, repeating colors. The music also pans right and left, those prone to anxiety attacks, epilepsy, or any other triggerable neurodiversity may choose to skip this video. (I don’t think it’s too bad, I just wanted to give a heads up)

I created the visuals using Procreate.

Here’s a quick run down of how I made the visuals.

First, I removed the background from this photo…

…to create this…

Then, I played with chromatic aberration on some duplicated layers:

Created a background from it using the liquify push tool:

Then, I put the two images together on a new canvas.

Using the animation assist tool and the hue adjustment tool, I created duplicated layers and adjusted each layer’s hue.

The result is a gif that I am having trouble uploading 🙁

Using Premiere Rush, I simply repeated the gif to fit the amount of audio track I had. And, yup, I also used it to create an overlay for the video of me singing “Anxiety”.

This vibe totally fits the Salty Moon Arcade aesthetic I see in my imagination, and I am grateful to have the tools to make such rad visual for my music.

Salty Moon Arcade on social media

Although I despise algorithmic biases of social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok, it is apparent that if I want my music heard, I have to be on them.

I’m honest, I want to be heard. I’d like to have music and art pay for itself, and so without any connections to the outside electronic music world, I have to rely on social media to get my music out there.

I feel like the biggest hypocrite to have created an Instagram and TikTok for this music project, but the simple fact of the matter is I want to be heard and I want to be able to share in the experience of my music.

With that said, I have created an Instagram for Salty Moon Arcade in addition to my TikTok

This blog is still my main focus, though.

The Art of the anxiety audio video

Did you know you can buy the illustration I used for the “Anxiety” audio video as a digital download printable?

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