Tea Time

Today’s Friday post will be short and sweet. I don’t have a lot to say or share with you today.

This week I updated the Shop and added some new designs. If you missed Monday’s post about some of the pieces, check it out here.

Yesterday, I also added this piece that I had fun manipulating last year. (Not the frame, just the poster design).

I enjoy creating pop art designs.

For this piece I used black and white stock photography and in Photoshop I colorized the images. I drew inspiration from the Hunger Games movie for the colorization of the women in the design to create this vibrant, pop art design.

This “Tea Time” piece is available for download in the Shop and comes with both a jpg and a PNG, and a Creative Commons license. You can use the jpg for your publications, like if you’re a blogger who enjoys talking about tea, or you can print the PNG for your kitchen space.

music update

Salty Moon Arcade has been followed by 6 people on Spotify, and my song “Anxiety” has been streamed 16 times!

To me, that is simply awesome. Sixteen streams is a lot for an unknown artist like me, and I hope the numbers continue to increase!

That said, my goal is to release track after track this year and I am well on my way with the next track release. The next step is to master it as best as possible (I do not send my tracks off for mastering, yet). I will also be working on deciding the artwork for the album cover and possible YouTube video.

This next track release is fully instrumental and heirs on the techno-ambient side of genres so if you’re a fan of EDM or techno, make sure to follow me on Spotify!

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