Sleeping Cat Illustration

As I have been going through my past work looking for inspiration to create new work, I came across this illustration I did early last year of a sleeping cat.

At the time, if I remember correctly, I was heavily listening to lofi playlists on YouTube and Spotify, and wanted to create an illustration inspired by the lofi aesthetic.

Likely heavily inspired by the illustration used in this video:

Though I am usually inclined to add a lot of detail to my illustrations, when doing cartoonish work, you don’t always need more detail.

For this illustration, I kept it 2d with few details to give it that lofi cat, cartoon feel.

You may notice if you look through my work on the portfolio page, that not much of my work looks like this. Even though I actually really love this style of mine when it comes to illustration, some part of me always feels it isn’t “good enough”.

At the time, I had posted it to my artwork instagram that is no longer active, and even to my Redbubble shop, but it didn’t seem to do very well and so the illustration got shoved in a folder on my computer not to be seen until now.

I love illustrating but I have a hard time getting out of my head and often don’t find my illustrations worthy of attention. Maybe I will need to spend some time illustrating in this style again to overcome my frustrations.

Sleeping cat is available to make yours now.

Short drawing break

Since my birthday last year, I have been doing all my illustration and graphic design work on my iPad using Adobe Fresco and Procreate. Unfortunately a few weeks ago, my iPad fell between the wall and my bed and the screen cracked.

To avoid more issue, I sent it off for repair; which means I do not have my drawing programs with me currently. Now, I am not saying I don’t own a paper sketch pad and regular pencil, because I actually have shelves of art supplies that are likely longing to be used.

However, I have decided to use this short time that my iPad is off for repair to focus on finishing my next music track for Salty Moon Arcade with the goal to release it by the end of June.

More in the shop

It’s been a minute since I had done a shop drop, but last week I dropped a few gems in the shop for you like this celestial digital wallpaper:

And this pop art design…

This very cool, trippy design that is one of my favorites I have created…

Affordable art for you that supports an independent artist/designer/musician. Some in the shop you can use however you like, and others are meant just for you.

Thank you for your ongoing support

Once again I want to express my gratitude for my readers and supporters of this blog and my work.

I know right now around the blog isn’t super exciting, but that’s life, isn’t it? Sometimes there is a lull.

Those who stick with me through the lulls are the ones that help me keep going and I am forever grateful for the support of my readers and financial backers.

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