New Single Artwork and Accepting CryptoCurrency

In this post I am going to share Salty Moon Arcade’s latest single artwork and talk a little about cryptocurrency.

Standing in solidarity with the oppressed

Hello friends, the world is insane but I hope you are well.

First and foremost, to my readers from/in Colombia, and Palestine, my heart breaks for you and I want to express my solidarity with you.

In Colombia, the government is, like in many other places around our planet, behaving in the opposite way a government should behave.

I have seen Colombians on Tik-Tok saying the government has restricted internet so that the people can’t get help to stand against the government. The images look similar to the scenes from here in the continental United States last summer after the murder of George Floyd, and my heart is broken.

In Palestine, innocent people who just want to live in peace and practice their religion in peace, and who are harming none, are being attacked because hate and, once again, a government overstepping it’s authority. It hurts me even more to know that American taxpayer dollars are what has funded this attempted extermination.

I feel powerless.

The evil that exists on this planet exists only in the hearts of humans who are so narrow-minded and selfish, lacking any amount of empathy for their fellow human, that they must attempt to control others and how others live.

I stand with the Palestinian’s being attacked by the Israel government, and firmly against apartheid. I do not stand against any Israeli who is not involved and who also stands against this attempted extermination, as I know we are all small people fighting against atrocities committed by world governments.

I stand with all people who are being actively oppressed by hatred and my heart longs for the day when our species is not at constant war.

New Salty moon arcade Track artwork

The next release for Salty Moon Arcade is almost ready to submit for release.

This past week I created the track’s artwork and I feel really good about it. I feel like this music project is beginning to come together and take shape. The one thing so far it’s really lacking is video material.

The track is currently in the mastering stage and should be complete by the end of this week, releasing early June.

If you’re not already, follow Salty Moon Arcade on your music streaming service of choice.

Accepting CRYPTOCURRENCY donations

After researching quite a bit on the topic of cryptocurrency, I have decided it is something I support to an extent.

The topic of energy consumption among coins like Bitcoin is concerning to me and has been a major force of why I would not participate. I do not feel we should be destroying our planet just to create a decentralized monetary system, and I hope that more energy efficient currencies begin to emerge.

Over the last several months, I have been keeping my eye on DOGECOIN, and I feel it is on the right direction for cryptocurrency. The consumption of energy is far less than that of Bitcoin, and rumors are the developers may be working to make it even more energy efficient.

I see DOGECOIN as being a currency in the near future, regardless of what the likes of celebrity names like Elon Musk do or say. I see it standing on its own, driven by the people.

I am working to find a way to accept coins like DOGECOIN as payment here on the blog in exchange for my work but at this time, I can only accept donations.

You will notice a tab at the top of the page for Crypto donations. I am accepting three types of coins for donation; I have chosen the most energy efficient ones that I have learned of so far..

The most preferred coin is DOGECOIN.

I am not accepting Bitcoin at this time due to its high energy demands.

If you would like to make a donation in exchange for artwork before I get it set up in the shop, please use the Contact page to email me which piece of artwork you would like and the email account you would like me to send it to. Once I receive your donation, I will email you a .zip file (the same as you’d receive if you paid with USD) of the artwork.

First dose today

Today, despite my reluctance and guilt that countries like India do not have easy access to the vaccine, I will get my first dose of the COVID vaccination. Because I do not socialize or work away from home, I was waiting until it was absolutely necessary to get the vaccine.

With the CDC carelessly announcing, essentially, that mask mandates no longer apply, I can’t risk some moron anti-masker who is also an anti-vaxxer and never behaved in a selfless way this past year getting me sick. I suppose that was the intention with the announcement last week, to force those of us on the fence or waiting to get the vaccine.

Anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers are a threat to public safety, and to my safety, so I am now forced to receive a vaccination I in no way feel comfortable getting; simply because I know others in America are so selfish.

The irony of the anti-maskers now getting their way is of course they now have no objections to the validity of the CDC statements, even though just a month ago they were saying the CDC was lying to everyone.

I do not trust the CDC what-so-ever, but I trust the Trump/evangelist cultists even less.

Going into the week

My plans for this week involve finalizing music, more research into cryptocurrency and how to accept it as payment here, working on more artwork, and getting back on track for this blog.

My wishes for you are that you are safe from harm, and you have moments throughout the week to care for yourself. Taking time to provide ourselves self-care is extremely important, I hope you will have time to give yourself love this week.

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