Future Nothing-New Song Release

On July 2nd, 2021, “Future Nothing”, my second single under the music project Salty Moon Arcade, releases to most music streaming platforms.

Inspired by a mixture of techno and ambient, as well as inspiration from movie scores, the instrumental track is a stark opposite to the first single release by Salty Moon Arcade, “Anxiety”, which depicts how love can lead to anxiety for me.

Bright atmospheric synths and driving kick drums paired with dark bass combinations create the foundation of the track, which seeks to take the listener on a journey through their imagination.

Choir style vox, and cymbals in reverse traveling from ear to ear battle between harmony and chaos to paint imagery of passing through the portal the listener has entered upon the act of listening.

We pause for a moment and witness the pure beauty and existence and the Universe, as it is presented before us.

A sense of intenseness and dread is heard as the portal we have been traveling through leads to its final destination: Nothing.

We do not stay in dread for long, as we realize that being in nothing, means our future is ours to choose.

Here is a sneak peak of “Future Nothing”

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