Last Friday of May

Today is the last Friday of May 2021, and this month zoomed past, for me.

I finished the second track release for my music project, Salty Moon Arcade, sooner than anticipated this month, and it is set to release at the beginning of July.

I had never set a deadline for myself for song releases before, but it seems that doing so created the space I needed to focus on the single enough to finish it ahead of schedule. I originally had given myself the date of June 9th to have it finished by, and I finished two weeks early.

Pre-Save “Future Nothing” on Spotify

going not-so-viral on tik tok

Last weekend, I attempted to share my experience with the Pfizer vaccine on Tik-Tok, and got a taste of what “going viral” was like.

I didn’t like it.

I shared my symptoms, and prefaced the video that I was only sharing my symptoms, not an opinion on the topic, and was only doing so so that others who also experienced the symptoms could know it might be from the vaccine.

When I woke up the next morning, my inbox was filled with hateful comments from the former disgraced White House occupier’s cult, some leftists who clearly didn’t listen to the words I said at the beginning of my video, and people asking me “what did you expect, you chose to be a guinea pig.”

I debated with myself on whether I should leave the post available to all, it was shared over 30 times by the time I had woke up, but ultimately I decided I would not allow the hate of others to be the reason I go viral and took the post down.

It’s so disappointing that a person can’t simply share their experience without people choosing to be hateful in the comments. I even had people commenting on my music posts saying I was untalented, ugly, and that I was spreading fear intentionally.

Why would I intentionally be spreading fear about the vaccine if I got the vaccine?

People who look for a reason to cause pain in others and then consciously comment their hatefulness, are why social media platforms have turned into an unpleasant experience for the world. It’s very disappointing.

Even more disappointing is witnessing that the algorithm of TikTok would happily push my video to people who clearly have a history of being problematic; one look at peoples’ profile and it was clear my video was being shown only to the cultists of tik tok.

What the algorithm doesn’t do is push my posts sharing my music and joy out to the world. All of my posts before that semi-viral post, and subsequently after, have never seen over 200-220 views. The algorithm specifically does not show my posts to over 200 people until it has the opportunity to show it to people who actively do nothing but spread hate on the platform.

If you have been here a while and you actually read my posts, you know I have a serious love-mostly hate- relationship with algorithm based social medias. I will continue to share my work on Tik-Tok because not only have I connected with a few really cool people, it has helped me get streams on Spotify, but I expect nothing in the way of virality from the platform.

I just have to accept that the algorithm will never let my music go viral. I don’t fit its beauty standards. I don’t fit its controversy standards. Once again, in the popularity contest of life, I do not fit the mold.

coming up…

This week/coming month, I begin working on the next track for release for Salty Moon Arcade. I haven’t decided on which track I will be releasing, and find myself already slipping back into the “just create something new” aspect of being a musician.

Visual art will be making a come back to the blog, I just needed to take a little break.

The possibility of some guest blog posts in the future is a thing, and if you are interested in providing content for the blog, go ahead and send me a message via the Contact page.

I know it hasn’t been super interesting around here as of late, but sometimes we have to slow down our hustle just a little bit. My personal life is going through some changes, and once those changes mellow out, I should be back blogging and creating multiple times a week.

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