Finding New Creativity Through TikTok

Despite my love-hate relationship with social media algorithms, Tik-Tok has sparked some new versions of creativity in me.

Since I am not young and beautiful like so many of the TikTok users, you know, the ones the algorithm favors, I’ve had to find creative ways to post about my music on TikTok. Not to mention, it gets old seeing my own face on my feed.

I have been inspired by a genre called glitchcore recently and decided to try making glitched out visuals and add my music to them, and it has lit a new flame of creativity in me I wasn’t sure I could tap in to.

Auditory and visual stimulation has always been something I need a lot of. If I am not constantly stimulated positively by auditory or visual stimulants, my brain becomes so bored it’s physically painful.

This isn’t to say I don’t force my brain to sometimes not receive any outside stimulus, but if I go too long without stimulation, I risk meltdowns and increased anxiety attacks.

I have long viewed the realm of videography and video visuals as something I wasn’t sure I had the patience for, and didn’t think I was creative or imaginative enough to create.

Last night I discovered a way to edit short video inside of Procreate.

Basically, I am hooked. I spent a couple hours last night making remixed glitched videos of videos I had already made for TikTok.

I’m pretty excited about this discovery.

Did you know you could edit short videos in Procreate?

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