10 Ways Artists Can Earn Extra Income

Special thanks to guest writer Gloria Martinez for this article.

While pursuing a career as an artist can mean endless opportunities to explore your creativity, a regular paycheck is also a priority. The good news is that making extra income doesn’t require you to abandon all your creative goals. Dani Knapp Creates shares these ten ways to earn an extra income as an artist.

Make Your Art a Product

If your medium is visual arts, consider converting your work into a product. Whether you want physical or digital products, there are ways to monetize your designs.

  • Apply your artwork to products like clothing, coffee mugs, and more to sell online.
  • Create (or join) a digital shop to sell downloadable and printable designs.
  • Capture photographs to sell online — and see your imagery everywhere.

Try Your Hand at Freelancing

Freelancing means picking up gigs that work for your schedule and income goals. Think about these ways to freelance on the side and rack up extra earnings.

  • Launch an online presence and build your following, no matter what type of art you create.
  • Find freelancing gigs on job search sites like Aquent and Fiverr.
  • Advertise and sell commissions via platforms like DeviantArt.

Broaden Your Horizons

For artists who are dedicated to a single medium or niche, branching out could mean more opportunities for earnings. Think about learning a new skill you can then monetize.

  • Practice hand-lettering to add another angle to your designs or commissions.
  • Dive into digital artist tools and get a feel for your design talent.
  • Share your skills by developing an online art workshop for other artists.
  • Consider applying your artistic skills and talent to entrepreneurship! Make it official by forming an LLC for your business to avoid extra taxes and obtain legal protections for your business and personal assets.

Creating art is immensely rewarding, but it can be lucrative, too. Whether you’re selling t-shirts with your designs, earning commissions on social media, or learning a new skill you can upsell, art can lead to extra income and even a career boost.

You can find inspiration for art and music by reading the Dani Knapp Creates blog.

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